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IT Support & Services in Ann Arbor, MI

IT Support & Services in Ann Arbor, MIDon’t have a dedicated IT department?  No Problem!   Grachek, Inc provides expert onsite IT support & services in Ann Arbor, MI & Southeast Michigan.   We have more than 20-years experience supporting manufacturing, not-for-profit, retail, and service sectors.

IT Services that go the extra mile

Our services are about a lot more than simply configuring products and providing user support.    We aren’t afraid to “get into the weeds” and find creative solutions to unique challenges.   Our willingness to do whatever it takes has enabled us to hone a comprehensive array of services including:

  1. Requirements Analysis
    We work with our clients to identify and understand precisely what they need from their systems.   We document the requirements so that potential solutions may be easily compared and we can ensure that no critical feature is missing from the to-be solution.
  2. System Design & Integration
    We research the possibilities and get creative designing solutions that meet or exceed requirements.  Whether designing a network, utilizing off-the-shelf hardware or software to solve a business challenge, or customizing a database, we do our homework to ensure optimal results.
  3. Software Development
    We are quite proficient at developing entire solutions from scratch, or enhancing and integrating existing ones.   We rely on some amazing tools and decades of development experience to deliver extraordinary solutions!
  4. Product Research, Selection & Procurement
    We don’t sell products, we just help clients understand their options and then assist in selection and procurement if needed.  Clients benefit knowing that the product they are purchasing will truly fit their needs, and they are getting it at the best available price.
  5. Product Configuration, Customization & Implementation
    We’ve all experienced that feeling of buying something new and following manufacturer instructions to set it up — it can be quite daunting if it isn’t the kind of task you do all the time.    So, while we aren’t much help putting furniture together from Ikea, we can help set-up computers, network equipment, software, printers, or practically anything else IT-related.   We can do it efficiently, and clients enjoy peace of mind that that the job is done completely and correctly.   Best of all, we don’t disappear simply because the setup is complete: we are available to help with implementation, training,  and even customization and integration.
  6. User Training
    Upgrading technology often requires upgrading user skills.  We develop plans and help train users so that they are comfortable using the new technology.   Proper training helps ensure successful adoption of the new technology, as well as helping maximize system potential (for example, by using all the features).  We can also help increase user savvy to IT security threats such as phishing.
  7. Change Management
    Major IT projects usually benefit from a thoughtful plan to manage change within the organization.   The most effective strategies begin early… at the time a new system is being considered.   Our first step is to collect user input regarding what works and what doesn’t with the existing system.    We help translate that input into system requirements, which can then be used to compare potential replacement solutions.    Keeping users involved throughout the project helps increase their “buy-in” to the new system while helping ensure the replacement system is a good fit.
  8. System Administration
    We help clients manage user accounts / security privileges, whether it be Active Directory, email, or software application / cloud service.   We are thoughtful and thorough, anticipating scenarios and asking questions that managers might not otherwise think of.   We seek to simplify and enhance security by using groups to manage privileges whenever possible.   We are also available to help audit permissions periodically because changes frequently occur where privileges are no longer required for a user.   Unlike when a user needs permission to do a new job, there is usually no trigger to revoke obsolete privileges… unless there is a regular audit.
  9. Maintenance & Upgrade Management
  10. Security Audits
  11. Disaster Recovery / Planning
  12. IT Strategic Planning & Leadership

Even if you don’t see what you are looking for on this list, chances are we’ve either done it or done something a lot like it.   We aim to make it easy: bring us your challenges and we’ll bring the leadership, skills, and enthusiasm for a solution we can all be proud of!

Our expert IT services are available on-demand… onsite to clients in Ann Arbor and SE Michigan, or remotely anywhere in the world! 

Our goals are aligned with those of our clients

Our business model is set-up so that our goals are aligned closely with those of our clients.   For example, we do not sell hardware or software.  Instead, we help our clients procure the best product for their needs at the lowest price available.   We have no incentive to sell a certain brand or product — or to sell anything at all — because it does not affect our bottom line.

Another way that our goals are aligned with those of our client is our preference for simplicity and long-term continuity of the solutions that we put in place.   We find time and time again that when our clients are happy and their systems are stable, they call us for other things (for example, software development), so there is no need to inflate our workload with solutions that need constant attention.     Our solutions tend to be centrally managed, robust, and as homogeneous as possible.

Aligning our goals with our clients is just one way we aim to establish a foundation for trust.   A trusting foundation stands the test of time and maximizes the value of the services we provide.

Contract IT Services can help your enterprise achieve extraordinary results by:

  1. Providing comprehensive IT vision and planning to support your strategic goals
  2. Increasing productivity by streamlining business processes
  3. Decreasing IT expenses and downtime through standardization and simplification of IT systems
  4. Optimizing infrastructure such as networks, servers, desktop computers, and printers
  5. Enhancing cyber security and disaster preparedness
  6. Helping to identify and develop point-people within your organization to respond to common tech needs
  7. Assisting with procurement of IT and Telecom products and services
  8. Improving data quality and utilization, to support better-informed decisions
  9. Ensuring software license compliance and optimization
  10. Enhancing integration with customers and vendors
  11. Providing managed IT services including deployment, administration, and support.
  12. Providing systems analysis, design, and development
  13. Helping educate staff about technology and cyber threats
  14. Periodically auditing systems to maintain compliance & best practices
  15. Increase reliability of networks (including fiber optic and WiFi)
  16. Virtualize servers
  17. Manage “cloud” services such as email & spam protection

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