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Optimize Internet, Telephone, and Fax

Internet and telephone are almost to business as vital as keeping electricity as keeping the lights on.   Those services also add up to a significant monthly expense.   All the more reason to make sure your business gets the best service for the best possible price.

Business owners should not assume that the dominant local phone company is their only choice.   In addition to cable companies that may provide options, there are also companies that resell Internet/Telecom services at a significant discount over buying direct.    In such arrangements, the service lines are still serviced by the big, local phone company, but the reseller provides on-premise equipment and tailors the solution to your specific needs.    The savings from this type of arrangement can easily be several hundred dollars per month.

Speaking of cable companies, many have compelling Internet and voice solutions for business.   Business customers should be skeptical of copper connections traditionally offered by cable companies, however many cable operators now offer fiber optic connections.  Even if fiber optic lines are not already at your door, cable companies will often consider extending their lines given a big enough contract.   Except for rare exceptions, fiber optic connections will be vastly superior to copper-based connections.

Telecom shopping could easily seem overwhelming due to a plethora of potential vendors and technology jargon.    We recommend working with a local, independent telecom broker.   Telecom brokers help research and compare options, making the process much easier and helping ensure an optimal choice.  In return for their service, brokers usually receive a small residual commission paid by the telecom provider.   Businesses should meet with their telecom broker again prior to each contract expiration, so that services can be tweaked and new options can be explored.