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One way Grachek, Inc. is differentiated from other IT consultants/service providers is our expertise in manufacturing enterprise.   We have decades of experience streamlining systems on the shop floor, in the warehouse, and in the front office.   We integrate, automate, and customize client IT systems to conserve resources while enabling superior manufacturing performance.   Grachek, Inc. can help your business take lean manufacturing to the next level.

We can help your manufacturing enterprise:

  1. Streamline and error-proof everyday transactions such as data collection, labeling, shipping/receiving, and invoicing.
  2. Implement effective inventory controls
  3. Master your production data: know exactly what you produced, and the production rate achieved
  4. Streamline and automate front-office tasks such as quoting, reconciling delivery schedules, and releasing new jobs
  5. Inform better decision-making with custom reports that provide more insight while reducing or eliminating manual data gathering and manipulation.
  6. Improve integration with customers and suppliers by automating and error-proofing transactions in their applications/web portals
  7. Exchange automated electronic communications (EC) with your customers and/or vendors. (e.g. EDI, XML documents)
  8. Reduce downtime and lower IT expenses with robust and standardized IT infrastructure
  9. Implement electronic facility and process controls (e.g. sensors, security devices, and PLCs)
  10. Improve information accessibility, including work instructions


We have the passion and experience to help develop your next competitive advantage. Call today for a more productive tomorrow.