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Custom Software Solutions

Whether you need a completely custom software solution, or simply want to extend a commercial software product/service, Grachek, Inc. can help.     Reduce the burden on your staff with increased integration and automation of repetitive tasks – while simultaneously helping error-proof your processes.

Commercial software may be a good starting point, but should not be the standard for what is possible. Grachek, Inc., can develop custom reports, add-on applications, and scripts that put your business is in control of its software (not the other way around). Our projects typically have an excellent ROI, with development expenses rapidly recouped through labor savings.

We will work closely with your team to design practical solutions that meet or exceed your objectives.   Our solutions are intuitive for users, and minimize maintenance and administration. Grachek, Inc. has the experience, creativity, and passion to help you get to “Wow”.

  • Perl, short for Practical Extraction and Report Language, is an incredibly useful programming language with a rich selection of resources.   Using Perl, Grachek, Inc. has developed web-based applications, automated everyday business tasks, and developed logic-rich reports.    Perl is Open-Source, and has a long and proven track-record. We’d like to help make Perl do something amazing for your business.
  • Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) and COM integration Does the flow of Microsoft Office documents drive activity in your business?   Did you know that it is possible to automatically create, read, and update Microsoft Office documents?   Microsoft Office documents empower users and provide enormous flexibility, but – without automation – can become information silos and an unnecessary burden to manage.   Grachek, Inc. can help your organization tap the power of Visual Basic and COM to automate and integrate Microsoft Office with your other systems.   Extraordinary things are possible, and we can help you get there.
  • Python enables rapid development of robust automation.   For example, we used Python to capture photos of parts as they were packed, and automatically associate them to a job before uploading them to “the cloud”.
  • AutoIT is an open source product that can simulate keystrokes and even mouse movement.   In other words, it can script actions within Windows and Windows-based applications, including Internet Explorer.   If your business needs to make repetitive transactions in a system that it does not have full control over, this may be the perfect tool to automate and error-proof activities!
  • Fourth Dimension (4D) is a client-server database & development tool that enables rapid, professional results and is compatible with both PC and Macintosh. With numerous plug-ins available, 4D can accomplish practically anything you need it to.   Grachek, Inc. has decades of 4D experience, and is ready to help you build a fresh application or help enhance an existing one.


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