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Grachek, Inc. helps businesses become leaner, more agile, and simpler to manage. We continually improve information systems at every level, simplifying IT Infrastructure and systematizing and automating business processes. We go well beyond the typical IT consulting firm, getting to know client operations to provide deeply insightful solutions.

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Easy Steps to Help Maintain IT Security

Cyber-security breaches all over the news these days.    The enemy is creative, sophisticated, and apparently operating with relative impunity.   The typical business has a lot of exposure, via each email account, computer, mobile phone, and Internet connection.    What is the typical business to do in response to all these threats? Keep software up-to-date Software has to be updated ..
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Optimize Internet, Telephone, and Fax

Internet and telephone are almost to business as vital as keeping electricity as keeping the lights on.   Those services also add up to a significant monthly expense.   All the more reason to make sure your business gets the best service for the best possible price. Business owners should not assume that the dominant local phone ..
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Reduce Hassle – Insist on Continuity of IT Products

For many small businesses, acquisition of new IT products doesn’t necessarily involve consideration of how the product will fit with existing understanding and expectations.  That’s unfortunate, because an IT product that fits poorly can cost thousands of dollars in lost time and frustration. For example, consider the purchase of a new multi-function printer (MPF).   Such printers print, copy, scan, (and some still fax) — but has a completely ..
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Tips for Procuring Remote Desktop Terminals

Regarding computer terminals (such as those that connect to Microsoft Remote Desktop Service), there is little benefit to purchasing units bran-new.    Bran-new units can cost as much as a standalone PC, yet usually have no benefit over a unit procured at a fraction of the price through a site such as Ebay.   The components of a terminal are ..
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